How it works

Our Process

Create your dream closet with Kloset Closet in 3 easy steps.
    Measure                    Pick your design                 Installation


1. Measure

Measure width, depth & height of your closet space. 

2. Pick your design

Choose from our wide selection of systems, sets, and modules to tailor your needs.

System (Quick and Simple)

Choose pre-designed closet system for your dream closet.

  • Pick a pre-designed closet system based on your needs and preference to create your dream closet

Set (Semi-customizable)

Choose pre-designed closet sets for your dream closet

  • Pick pre-designed closet sets based on your needs and preference

  • Combine different sets to create your unique and dream closet system

Module (Fully Customizable)

Choose each sections for your dream closet

  • Start with a closet frame that fits your closet size and style

  • Pick modules such as shelves, hanger, or drawers etc., based on your preference, or mix & match to create your own set

  • Combine different modules to create your unique style and dream closet system

(You can always mix & match system, set and module based on your needs)

3. Installation

Kloset Closet products come ready-to-assemble and are pre-drilled for quick and efficient installation. Easy DIY Installation. No professional tools required. We are pleased to offer installation support if you have any questions.