About Us

About Kloset Closet

Kloset Closet offers custom closet solutions that will transform your home and your life.

Whether you're buying a new home or renovating an existing closet, Kloset Closet helps you maximize the storage space in your home.

Kloset Closet offers storage solution for any closet size, including walk-ins, reach-ins, linen closets, etc. We offer a wide variety of modules, sets, systems and storage accessories. You can fully customize your closet by choosing each modules of your closet or pick our pre-designed sets and systems to build your dream closet.


Why us

Easy to Assemble

The Kloset Closet system is designed DIY friendly so everyone can install our products in simple steps. No more scratching over your head or dealing with complicated installation process. Our products come ready-to-assemble and are pre-drilled for quick and efficient installation. It's easy to assemble at home and you don't need professional tools. 

Each products come with installation guide. You can also watch the installation videos on our website. We are happy to offer installation support if you have any questions. 

Affordable Price 

As a direct manufacturer, we are able to save the middleman cost and offer high quality closet system to our customer without charging the premium price.

Our Kloset Closet system allows you to customize your closet with affordable price. You can easily achieve a customized dream closet at a fraction of the cost of other closet systems.

World-Class Manufacturing






Our products are developed in one of the largest furniture manufacturer in Latin America equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We offer the best closet solutions due to the combination of engineering and highly technological manufacturing facilities, using only the finest materials. 

Environmental Responsibility

Kloset Closet products are certified to meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase II standards.